Intro to Land Judging
Land Judging is a contest in which students assess land conditions to recommend wise agronomic and suburban landuse decisions. Click here for some introductory videos.

Contest Materials
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NRCS Soil Survey Reports
County soil survey reports are a great way to familiarize yourself with the soils of any county. All paper copies are out of print. Go here for more information on how to obtain a copy.

Online Classroom
You can meet Ellis in his online classroom when he is holding class. Contact Ellis if you would like to schedule a class. The next online class is: 12/12/2013 @ 8pm.

Training Classes offered by Local Experts
NRCS or FAESS soil scientists in your area may be able to provide local training on soils and Land Judging.

On-Site Training Classes offered by Ellis
We don't currently offer a regular training (looking into that). If you want to work with your local contacts to host a class and/or field training in your area, email Dr. Ellis to coordinate his attendance. There are several open soil pits at the UF PSREU in Citra and at the Austin Cary Memorial Forest in Waldo. These sites provide excellent venues for training.

Past Training Classes
2010.01.27 - UF/Citra
2010.01.09 - Austin Cary Memorial Forest

Powerpoint Lectures

Contest Intro01.31.2014
Depth to SHWT01.31.2014
Soil Texture01.31.2014
Soil Orderscoming soon