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PLEASE NOTE:FFA is taking over scorecard grading and we have a new card. At this time, I'm unsure where you can't write and where you can. I hope to have this settled very soon. In general, we still won't allow notes and those sorts of things. That won't change.

Allowed Markings on Scorecards (other than bubbled answers)

Examples of Allowed and Unallowed Marks

Your name and the field number (only on the appropriate lines at the top of the front page only of the Land Judging or Homesite Evaluation card).

If necessary, some minor arithmetic to compute the change in thickness of the topsoil in determining degree of erosion

A maximum of seven roman or arabic numerals corresponding with your estimate of the best possible land classes associated with the seven appropriate soil characteristics (i.e., surface texture, organic matter, rooting zone, permeability, slope, erosion, and drainage) identified at the field site on Part One of the Land Judging Card. Put another way: One and only one numeral may be written on the card for each appropriate soil characteristic (i.e., surface texture, organic matter, rooting zone, permeability, slope, erosion, and drainage).

Note: Numerals identifying the best possible land class of every possible answer (e.g., for “Thin,” “Thick,” “Very Thick,” “Rapid,” “Moderate,” “Slow,” and so on) may NOT be written on the scorecard!!! Note also: On Part Two of the Land Judging Card, no markings, other than the filling in of bubbles in the header and answer areas, are allowed whatsoever!!!

Note also: On the Homesite Evaluation card, no markings, other than the filling in the name and field number lines, computing the change in topsoil thickness, and bubbling in headers and answers, are allowed whatsoever anywhere on the card, front or back!!!

Markings not allowed

Any marks, notes, etc. not specifically outlined above.

Notes, numbers, or other markings from training materials, memory, or other sources (including Conditions Posters), other than the allowed SEVEN numerals and the erosion computation described above, are NOT to be written anywhere on your scorecards.

How to Make the Allowed Additional Marks

Mark lightly in pencil

Keep clear of the scoring fields, e.g., placed only on the right-hand side of the card, outside and well away from the large boxes where your answers are entered

Leave on score card as written. DO NOT ERASE

Scorecard Grading

Scorecards are graded by automatic scantron. Student marks in the wrong place cause scan errors and result in significant delay of the awards ceremony. Cards with misplaced marks that cannot be graded automatically without a large amount of adjustment will be discarded and not graded.

Any scorecard with ANY unallowed marks such notes, numbers, and/or marks (from training materials, memory, or other sources) written on it will be assigned a score of 0 (zero)!!!

Evidence of non-allowed notes/numbers/markings that have been written on a card and then erased will also cause a score of 0 (zero) to be assigned to that card.

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