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This is our new contest materials page. We'll update it soon with rules, scorecard, etc. for 2018 contest. We'll do all this before the summer. Check back.

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Until a new manual is complete, we will still recognize the out of print EDIS document as the rules for Land Judging in Florida. We are reviewing the document this spring. Please click here for more information.

Students will retain their cards for the entire contest. At the end of their last site, they will submit their cards to their group leader. A scorecard runner will bring the cards back to the grading room while Ellis reviews the sites with the students. Grading will hopefully be quicker than previous scantron years.

As in the past, students may only make marks for slope calculations and a roman/arabic number for the student's best possible capability class each landscape catagory at each site. See page 3 of the PDF below for an example of those capability class numbers. In contrast, page 4 has an excellent example of numbers that are similar in context, but their aim is to serve as notes or reference so the student doesn't have to remember what is written in the manual. THE MARKS ON PAGE 4 ARE NOT ALLOWED. Stray marks such as those indicated on page 13 are no longer a challenge for the new scanners so those will be of little concern to students now.

Students are allowed to erase a bubble if they have marked in error, but under all other circumstances ERASURES ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE CARD. Any observed erasures will be assumed to be unallowed marks and the card will be disqualified. Example marks from the old card


Land Judging In Florida

2014 Scorecard

Med-res images of the card used in the 2014 contest:

Download high-res printable version of both sides (pdf)

Old Scorecard

These were used up throught the 2013 Contest:
Land Judging Card (pdf)
Homesite Card (pdf)

Please note the 2013 version is here for reference only. We will no longer use this version.