Contest Archives

It's going to take some time to get all the past contest information up. As we work to put it up, we will continue to redesign the layout of the contest pages into something that really works and communicates a lot of information to you. Please be patient. If you have suggestions let us know. For next few months, the plan is just to dump a pictures into a folder and zip them up for easy download. Once completed, then we'll go back and look into a nicer delivery of that content. We're starting with the 2012 page and working backward. The old landjudging site will remain up until this is complete.

2017Hillsboroughin progress
2016Suwanneein progress
2015Jeffersonin progress
2013LevyComplete (guide up soon)
2012Marionin progress
2011Gadsdenin progress
2010Lakecoming soon
2009Alachuain progress
2008Washingtonin progress
2007coming soon
2006coming soon
2005coming soon
2004coming soon
2003coming soon
2002coming soon
2001coming soon