NRCS Soil Survey Reports

All paper copies are out of print. Your local NRCS office may have some leftover copies for your county. Ellis has some at UF also. Contact either of them for more information.

Fortunately, the NRCS has created a digital archive of all county soil survey reports. These are pdf replicas of the original paper report. You can view them directly from the NRCS: NRCS County Soil Survey Report. Viewing them online can be slow. We recommend downloading the files to your computer and viewing them locally. Each county report consists of numerous pdf files that must be organized in a particular way on your local machine. The NRCS has online instructions on how to do this. Alternatively, your local NRCS office may have these stored on CD.

Each year, we will download and archive the report for the upcoming county hosting the state contest. This will save you the hassle of downloading and compiling. Those files are listed below:

2015: Jefferson County (108 mb)
2014: Highlands County (75 mb)
2013: Levy County (133 mb)

Occasionally, Ellis will find a need to download a county and zip it up for other purposes. Those county zips are here for your use too:
Brevard County (115 mb)
Indian River County (95 mb)
St. Lucie County (96 mb)