2014 State Land Judging Contest - Highlands County
Highlands Soil and Water Conservation District

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Field 2 - Myakka Depressional

Field 2 was located on a very poorly drained depression within a flatwoods landform. The predominant ground cover was obligate and facultative wet vegetation. The soil series is depressional phase of Myakka (Florida's state soil).

Some important soil characteristics:

  • Topsoil: 10 in thick, sandy texture, very dark, medium OM content
  • Depth to seasonal high water table: ponded above surface (hydric soil indicators, dark top soil, wetland vegetation, depressional landform)
  • Depth to spodic horizon: 18 in
  • Spodic horizon texture: sandy, not cemented
  • Soil permeability: rapid

Ellis offers a quick guide for this soil (runtime 4 min):
Download for offline viewing: Field2.mp4 (74 mb).

Ellis dug a second hole to show a wetter soil with higher OM (runtime 5 min):
Download for offline viewing: Field2.mp4 (93 mb).

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