2014 State Land Judging Contest - Highlands County
Highlands Soil and Water Conservation District

Memo:Official Time and Place Memo
Date:Friday March 28, 2014
Time:8 am
Location:Sebring, FL
Hotel:Kenilworth Lodge
1610 Lakeview Drive, Sebring, FL 33870
Ask for the Land Judging rate (it will be very affordable).

Email Greg Means with:
- County: You must have placed first in your division for your county
- Division: 4-H Middle, 4-H High, FFA-Middle, or FFA-High
- Team Name: Your FFA Chapter or 4-H Club
- Coach Name
- you don't need student names for pre-reg. You'll give those to FFA contest morning.

Please review this page to determine if you are eligible to compete at the state contest. In general, you must have won your county Land Judging contest. If you are in a low participation county, be sure to read that section also. Finally, ensure that you have satisfied all FFA or 4-H rules of eligibility prior to registration.

Registration will be in the hotel lobby starting at 8:00 am on contest morning. There will be a table set up to handle both FFA and 4-H registration.


If you haven't done so in a while, please take a moment to review contest policies. Important topics such as no repeat first place or national contest students are covered in those pages.

Electronic Devices
All electronic devices (phones, calculators, smartwatches, tablets) are forbidden during contest: policy - other.

County Soil Survey
If you don't have a paper copy of the soil survey, here is a pdf I archived from the NRCS website:Highlands County Soil Survey (76 mb) Save and extract to your computer and you'll be able to view the contents without an internet connection.

Note to contestants: This is South Florida, home of sandy topsoils. Sub soils may or may not be loamy. Brush up on indicators of water tables in sandy soils. I put some powerpoints on the training page.