Welcome to Florida Land Judging

Post 2017 Contest
Wow, what a fun contest. Our host really put on a nice event and the strawberries were delicious. The soil pits this year were particularly challenging due to the low groundwater in the region. The soils were drier and harder than they any of us expected. Once the pits were dug, we observed some clues telling us they used to be wet (e.g. grey redox depletions in the clay) and then other clues telling us they are now dry (e.g. hardened iron nodules, cracking of the clay). All the contestants are to be commended for their efforts in such a tough setting. It was unusuall to add so much information to the conditions posters. This was done to make the event fair and straight-forward. Please do not expect future contests to give you that many water tables. Hopefully everyone learned something about the connectivity of the shallow water supporting the plants growing in the soil and the effect of deeper regional groundwater. There was a solicitation for feedback regarding the manual. Look up in the nav bar above for a link to more information about that. Take care and see you next year.

2017 Contest
Please note that the 2017 contest is on a Thursday this year, not on a Friday. The contest in is Hillsborough County. We will update the page soon with some additional details.

Message to Land Judgers
Thank you for your interest in soil science. We hope you find the contest to be educational and fun.

We have posted some downloadable training material on the Training Page. Will try to get some more up soon.